The Department of the 4th Dimension Multidimensional Storytelling

The Department of the 4th Dimension is an award winning company that's dedicated to fostering a more inspired humanity through storytelling.

We partner with our clients to craft branded content and digital media experiences that are meaningful to their business and grow audiences.


We innovate and engage audiences across a wide range of media: from local brands to Fortune 500 companies, from the size of a cell phone to the side of a skyscraper, and online branded content that has earned over a million plays with zero media dollars spent.

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We know that groundbreaking creativity is only possible with a clear and resourceful support structure. Our production team works with clients to prepare a solid foundation for every stage of a project's lifespan, from early development to audience activation.



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Jessie Nagel, HYPE
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Every student deserves a

truly great teacher.

Play This Short Film
/ More Flying Lesson with Mr. Smolin
Documentary / Series

If you could make a

promise for education...

Play This Montage
/ More UC Promise for Education
Branded Content / Commercial / Documentary

Examining the questions

that inspire us...

Play This Brand Film
/ More Question Everything, The Walker Art Center @ 75
Branded Content / Campaign / Commercial

Where live music and

social media get funky...

Play This Experience
/ More iHeartRadio Dynamic Media Wall
Experience Design / Interactive / Motion Graphics

There's art and science

in brewing the perfect


Play This Episode
/ View Case Study Onward California Stories
Branded Content / Commercial / Documentary / Series

Igniting the ambition of


Play This Series Trailer
/ View Case Study Onward California Stories
Branded Content / Commercial / Documentary / Series

An interactive journey

into a perfumer's dream.

Play This Experience
/ View Case Study Sephora Sensorium
Interactive / Experience Design

You can get into coffee

like a wine connoisseur

gets into wine...

Play This Episode
/ View Case Study Intelligentsia Coffee
Series / Documentary / Commercial / Branded Content / Culinary

A culinary dream from the

backwards mind of a chef.

Play This Episode
/ More The Dream Meal: Mixed Berries, Three Ways
Branded Content / Commercial / Culinary

I've got no sympathy for


Play This Episode
/ More Choosing Beef with Jack O'Shea
Branded Content / Commercial / Culinary / Documentary / Series

Does the matter really


Play This Experience
/ View Case Study Death & The Powers
Live Concert / Experience Design