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BLOG POST • February 10, 2017

Projects / By The Dispatcher

Here’s a quick peek into a project we just wrapped up for a small university in Iowa that was looking to introduce itself to more high school kids.

One of the great things about university work is that there’s no shortage of great stories to tell. Buena Vista University isn’t any different, but what made this project fun for us was the opportunity to showcase the kids whose lives are being changed by the great mentors at BVU. It felt like something truly unique. We saw these stories as the prologues to the big “changing the world” anthems you see from other universities (we’ve made a few) and thought Iowa high school kids might see themselves in it.


We crafted the campaign, plucked each kid from an amazing group of talent, shaped and wrote their story, designed, photographed and animated the ads. It was blasted out on digital channels including display and social media.
Kudos to the team, including our friends at SimpsonScarborough, Mogo, OHO and the guy with the camera, Michael Prince.

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