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R.I.P. King of Pop Photo Essay

BLOG POST • September 8, 2014

Photography by Matt Checkowski

On the eve of Michael Jackson’s death, downtown L.A. was flooded with fans and opportunists of every stripe and I headed out with my camera.

They surrounded the Staples Center (where his memorial was to be held) with spontaneous sing-a-longs, fan gear for sale at 4000x mark-up, screaming, crying, and folks arriving from all over the country to get a piece of the action. That included a guy who hitchhiked from Tulsa, a woman returning from her pilgrimage to Neverland Ranch, a tour “salesman” offering VIP limo rides of famous MJ landmarks (as yet unidentified), and some truly talented street performers.
Here are some of my photos of Jacko’s wackos.

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