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VICE Takes On Minority Report

BLOG POST • June 21, 2017

Futurism / By The Dispatcher

It’s been 15 years since Steven Spielberg’s Minority Report introduced us to a future reality that included visions of murders, maglev automobiles, eye-scanning advertising and gestural interfaces.

VICE NEWS reached out to the film’s team of futurists, assembled by Spielberg and production designer Alex McDowell, to see how their predictions have panned out (rather well) and talk about their vision of the next 15 years. The crew stepped into the 4th dimension for a chat with Previsions Creator and our founder, Matt Checkowski, and got a special tour that turned into a bonus feature for the broadcast.

The episode aired June 20th on HBO and is now streaming on HBO GO as VICE NEWS TONIGHT Episode 152. Be sure to check out the Extra content for a tour of our secret vault.
ps. For more behind the scenes from Matt’s work on the film, check out his blog post and this throwback document from the production of the dream sequences.

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