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Taking Care of Vintage Denim Electrolux Fashion Care

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Once upon a time...
When considering how to take care of your favorite jeans, there are few people in the world more qualified to offer advice than Christian Quaglia, proprietor of Stockholm’s Herr Judit vintage shop. He scours the earth in search of forgotten denim and restores it to its original glory for his customers with one thing in mind: “Just because you like vintage, doesn’t mean you need to smell like vintage.”

Electrolux Fashion Care takes you behind the scenes and into the life of Christian Quaglia, owner and chief stylist at the world famous vintage shop, Herr Judit, in Stockholm. Christian introduces us to his favorite care methods for vintage Denim, Cotton and Knitwear while using Electrolux’s one of a kind steam dryer. We produced the series for our friends at Great Works.