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Savannah Film Festival – Official Selection
Sarasota Film Festival – Official Selection
Richmond International Film Festival – Official Selection
Anchorage International Film Festival – Official Selection
New Media Film Festival – Official Selection
Independent Filmmakers Showcase – Official Selection
Beverly Hills Shorts Festival – Official Selection
One Show One Screen Awards – Documentary Finalist

His students call him Schmo, Mr. Schmo, Big Daddy Schmo, or Pimp Daddy Schmo and he’s pretty much the teacher we all wish we had. Los Angeles native Barry Smolin has been teaching English for 28 years. Lately, using a light saber, he’s been convincing ninth graders at Hamilton High in Los Angeles that really, there’s no difference between them and young Telemachus in The Odyssey. Funny, passionate, and brilliant, Smolin does the great names of literature justice while opening up young minds. Just never mention to him the saying “Those who can’t do, teach.”


Participant Media and TakePart asked us to produce this short film to grow awareness around their campaign that promotes great teachers.