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iHeartRadio Dynamic Video Wall Interactive Digital Media

Our Role

Design, Design Toolkit, Content, Animation

Mirror, mirror on the wall...

iHeartRadio’s premiere events theatre in Los Angeles features a 25-foot dynamic media wall as the centerpiece of its entryway. Created by Sosolimited in partnership with The D4D, the LED wall is driven by custom software that seamlessly integrates live video feeds from the concert venue, archival video, photography, realtime tweets and brand messaging.


TheD4D iHeartRadio Process

We created the the media design toolkit that brands the surface across five modes, weaving the multiple streams into a flexible program that can promote live events, feature twitter trends or visualize the iHeartRadio music stream.




The end result is a live digital surface that visualizes all of the ways an audience can encounter iHeartRadio —as music, live video from the event theater, archival video and photography, and user-generated social media— into a singular, dynamic expression of the brand.