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Think and Do the Extraordinary The Campaign for NC State

Our Role

Strategy, Content, Production

To grow awareness and help raise funds for North Carolina State University, we developed a campaign designed to capitalize on their inspiring mission and highlight the real impact that the university has on the people of North Carolina and the grand challenges facing our world.

In the beginning...

Along with our partners at SimpsonScarborough, we worked with the university leadership and marketing team, deans of the colleges, faculty and staff, to better understand the culture of philanthropy and the needs around a more effective fundraising campaign. It quickly became clear that the university was hungry for a new way to communicate the vision of the institution.

Our strategic thinking began with an analysis of their successful “Think and Do” brand campaign that had been the hallmark of the Wolfpack for several years. We found there was a strong awareness and affinity towards the mantra around campus —it was felt to uniquely capture the spirit of NC State— but that there was still an opportunity to enhance the story for a new audience of alumni and partners.



To build on the brand’s momentum, we developed an idea to snap-on to the existing messaging in a way that added a motivational and ambitious vision of the future. “Think and Do the Extraordinary” was born and supported by a strategy toolkit including a campaign mantra, pillars, priorities and messaging guidelines.


We knew the campaign storytelling would be critical and our content strategy was focused on bringing the most powerful, relevant narratives forward for our audience. We needed to show a diversity of NC State’s programs and reinforce the cornerstone principles of the campaign: opportunity for students, purpose through research, world-class facilities, student experience, and dynamic leadership.

“Every single day, in every walk of life, ordinary people do extraordinary things.”


The key emotional ingredient for each story was its ability to feature a direct, tangible impact on individuals and communities. Our prologue and north star became a quote from NC State’s legendary basketball coach.

Working closely with the university leadership, we identified over 50 people and programs and conducted interviews to uncover the five most extraordinary narratives to feature in an event film, a web series and TV spots.


We traveled to the California mountains with CALFIRE, where NC State works to pioneer fireproof textiles. Another story took us to the rural farms of North Carolina to show how the university brings military veterans together through employment in agriculture, and yet another showed the university’s veterinary college, among the top in the nation, where they train and rehabilitate the ultimate professional athlete: sport horses. We journeyed to Washington D.C. where a graduate of the design college served as the lead architect for the newly opened National Museum of African American History and Culture, before heading to Raleigh, where we featured a third grade classroom that is solving engineering problems thanks to the university’s education outreach programs.


The $1.6B “Think and Do the Extraordinary Campaign” launched with a gala event on campus in the historic, newly renovated, Reynolds Coliseum. The festivities opened with our longform event film, followed by an inspiring program that brought the campaign strategy alive through VIP speakers, media, and some pyrotechnics. It raised the bar for many passionate, exciting years to come.

Our favorite part: our strategy and creative work has taken hold, guiding the many colleges and units of the university as they begin to express themselves throughout the Extraordinary campaign. The video episodes will be released online and via social media, the TV spots will be broadcast around athletic events, and the content will be repackaged by the marketing team and integrated with the new work they’ll continue develop in-house.

the end.