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Promise for Education Fundraising Campaign

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Case Circle of Excellence Awards – Silver, Fundraising Campaign Content

Promise for Education is a crowdfunding platform by the University of California that asks students, alumni, fans, celebrities and Californians to help raise funds to benefit undergraduate scholarships across all ten UC campuses.
First, you make a promise and set a fundraising goal. Then you rally your friends and families on social media to contribute money towards your goal. Once you reach your target, it’s time to make good on your promise.
UC Promise Instagram Tile
We were brought in to create a content campaign (over 50 Youtube and Instagram videos) that told the story of the fundraising effort: from the importance and impact of higher education, to how-to make a promise, to the showcase “promise” videos that launched the campaign, including students from each campus and the featured VIPs that helped get the word out.
Celebrities like Academy Award-winner Jamie Foxx, “Twilight” director Catherine Hardwicke and actors Teri Hatcher, David Spade, Sasha Alexander and Wilmer Valderrama, rapper and Youtuber, Watsky, and some awesome UC students and alumni participated by making a promise and starring in the videos.

The online platform was created by the UC in partnership with Noise and raised over $1.3 million dollars for scholarships.